Bryntin the First Dragon

By Johnny Chaosgate


A Chaosgate Fairytale

A long time ago, before men, elves and Dwarves roamed the land, the world was full of fire. One day the fire become so large and hot that a special gold flame shot out at the top of it.

This flame grew…

And grew…

And grew…

Until it burst!

And inside of it there was a giant golden egg, 

bigger than a horse,

Bigger than a house,

Bigger than a mountain!

The egg broke open and inside was a beautiful and powerful dragon.

The dragon pushed the top off of the egg and opened its wings which broke the rest of the eggshell.

It’s wings were so big they reached past the ends of the ocean.

As it stood up it unwrapped its tail which became longer

And longer,

And longer!

It was so long that the end of it would be too far away to see!

The Dragon had gold scales and diamond claws, all of these shined brighter than the sun.

Then as the dragon started to stomp around, it laid an egg,

Then another,

Then another,

Then another

And more and more and more eggs!

Soon there were hundreds of eggs that started to hatch open, inside were dragons of different sizes, different shapes and different colours.

Other lizard and reptile things started to hatch out, lots of lizards that walked on 2 legs with 2 arms and the same size as you and me!

All of these dragons and hatchlings loved their golden dragon mother and they all called her Bryntin.

Bryntin made a giant nest at the top of a Mountain Called Bronn Wennili where she could see everything and everyone so it was easy to look after all of her children.

One day however, Bryntin was looking around and she saw something she had never seen before, in the distance she could see a flash of light and a strange purple crack hanging in the air like a giant floating rip!

From inside the rip, horrible smelly creatures came out and these creatures straight away started to fight and bite her dragon children.

Bryntin was so angry, she flew down and roared at the tiny mean creatures, but they didn’t care, in fact, more…

And more… 

And more came out of the magic rip!

Bryntin had had enough of this, she roared and bellowed and growled, flapping her tremendous wings which made the creatures fall over and roll backwards.

But they still kept coming,

Bryntin was very angry now, do she grabbed all of the horrible beasts in her gold and diamond claws and she threw them back through the rip!

She could hear them laughing and teasing from the other side of the rip, which made her more angry than she’d ever been before! So with her great claws, she pulled 

And pulled,

And pulled the rip open and climbed inside to chase away the mini monsters.

No one ever saw her ever again.


If you ever hear thunder,

Or ever hear a loud rumble,

Or are ever hear the Chaosgate

Listen carefully, you might hear Bryntin roaring at the monsters that tried to hurt her children.