About Us

Chaosgate is Cornwall’s biggest Live Action Roleplay experience. Founded in 2015 by 3 experienced LARPers who wanted to bring Larping to their back door, Chaosgate has since grown from a few friends to a few hundred members. Taking place in an alternate version of Cornwall, the magical world of Kernow has all the tropes of a typical fantasy environment with a unique Cornish twist.

What is larping

LARP stands for Live Action Role Play, essentially it is the act of dressing up as a unique character of your own invention and interacting with others in an imagined fantasy environment.

Whether this means taking part in epic battles or intense one on one duels, using politics and subterfuge to out manoeuvre your opponents and uncover secret plots or simply having a drink and spinning a yarn in the local tavern. How you engage with the world is entirely up to you.

latest news


Bonehamma the Ork, was happily snuggled into his hole. He called it his hole, but it was actually a shallow cave, residing within a hillside, on the lower reaches of Bos moor.

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Dark Seed

Lowenna’s eyes snapped open. She had felt the prodding and shifting of her body which roused her from her slumber.

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Ranina was grumpy. Far be it from her to try to break away from the stereotype of all Dwarves to be gruff and grizzled but… Well she was grumpy.

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2023 is heating up and tickets are available for all events of the year.

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…but how do i make a character?

During the pandemic, Chaosgate has been using the downtime to rework game mechanics, lore and plot with guidance from some excellent player suggestions. As well as, of course, rebuild a shiny new website for you all!

While we don’t have a character creator ready yet, you can check the page below for general information on the mechanics of creating and playing as a player in Chaosgate.