Chaosgate Code of Conduct

At Chaosgate, the welfare of our players is paramount. We are dedicated to making Chaosgate an inclusive event, and we oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. As well as adhering to the rules as stated on our website, by purchasing a ticket, we expect that players abide by the code of conduct, as listed below.

1. Children under the age of 15 are welcome to attend under the direct supervision of an adult, but may not enter into combat situations, unless it is an organised children’s battle. Similarly, children are not permitted to be in the tavern after ‘Time Out’ is called each day.

2. We expect everyone to treat one another with respect and remember the difference between Out of Character and In Character interactions. At no point should someone be made to feel that their OOC beliefs, gender, sexuality or ethnicity are under question or attack. We understand that this is a game about stories and will touch on the ideas of belief, but references to people’s religions should be handled with some tact. If at any point someone is making you feel uncomfortable you should call stop the game, or tell one of the ref team.

3. The games rely on honesty both IC and OOC. Don’t break the rules; don’t cheat (e.g. by claiming higher skill levels than your character has, or by not acknowledging hit points); do – if you feel someone is cheating, fighting unsafely or making players OOC uncomfortable – speak to a ref/admin rather than confronting them directly.

4. If you notice someone playing unfairly or not within the spirit of the game then talk to a ref/admin, do not try and sort this out yourself.

5. ‘FREEZE’ is the Chaosgate safe phrase. If in an IC situation someone says ‘FREEZE’ this is an instruction to back off. Either that person thinks you have gone too far and made them uncomfortable in the situation, or you are invading their personal space. Ignoring this by either not stopping what you’re saying or not physically backing off, will be taken seriously.

6. Don’t fight while under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances. Underage drinking will not be tolerated and anyone seen giving alcohol to minors will be ejected from the event.

7. The possession and use of illegal substances is prohibited; they will be confiscated, you will be asked to leave the site and we will call the police.

8. ‘MAN DOWN’ is the OOC call for a First Aider; hence this should only be used for an Out of Character injury (losing your glasses counts as an OOC injury). If you hear it, please repeat it if necessary, stop ALL combat, drop to one knee or move away from the area if safe to do so and let the First Aiders in to deal with the situation.


We encourage any individual who experiences sexual harassment, harassment or prejudice of any kind to report the incident to a ref at the earliest opportunity so we can deal with the situation appropriately.

You may report to any of the core crew of Chaosgate, and we will take all complaints seriously, core crew are Johnny Chaosgate, Martin Bray and Ricky Barker. If you would feel more comfortable talking to a female member of the crew, then please speak to Jo Stoddern (OOC reports) or Aimee Chilman (IC reports). We will investigate all complaints as thoroughly as possible keeping the complainant as anonymous as we can.

We will be operating a one warning policy. A verbal and/or written warning will be given, in the first instance, detailing the complaint, and warning the accused that another report against them will see them banned from all Chaosgate games in the future.