What makes a Character

For an explanation of rules related to combat and fair play, check the Rules page.

Update: We have reworked the game system!



Always first into the fray.

‘Kill first, ask questions later’ is the fighter’s creed. 

Specialising in melee combat, dual wielding and two-handed weapons the fighter is the front-line defence against monsters, bandits and…well, anything that moves really.

Want to channel your inner barbarian and unleash some berserker rage – The fighter class is for you.


Stealth and cunning are amongst the ranger’s best skills. Where a fighter can be overwhelmed or out numbered a Ranger will outmanoeuvre the enemy, scouting the environment and using distance and cover to pick off his foe’s unseen. 

Rangers specialise in bows, throwing weapons and striking from the shadows to execute a perfect stealth kill. 

Rangers make excellent spies, thieves and assassins.


No adventure party can be complete without a healer. Specialising in a knowledge of the natural world, Apostles live in an ubiquitous harmony with the universe and use its secrets to create powerful healing potions or deadly poisons.

Whilst they might not be as immediate a threat as a Fighter or Mage, losing your apostle often means losing your whole party. 

Therefore, having two apostles is recommended  


Knowledge and Power are all the mage desires. 

Nothing less than absolute mastery of the elements will satisfy any self-respecting sorcerer. 

Usually the deadliest force on the battlefield, the mage might not have the biggest sword, but when you can kill someone by waving your hand a sword is nothing but an inconvenience. 

You hire a fighter to deal with a bandit, you hire a mage to deal with a dragon. 


Each character class has a respective Guild, joining a guild can provide work and opportunities for adventure, as well as allowing you to learn new skills and unlock powerful abilities.

Each guild has its own benefits and you are not limited by your own class. 

Are you a fighter looking to learn to defend against magic? Sign up with the Mages guild.

Perhaps you are an Apostle hoping to become a master of your craft? The Apostles guild is the fast track route to success.

Speaking to your local guild masters will help you to decide which path is for you.


There’s much to be said about going it alone, but as anybody who’s faced down the fearsome war cry of ‘Clan Black’ will tell you, knowledge and power are one thing but there’s nothing more valuable than knowing your Clan has your back. 

Whether you are bringing your own Clan or looking to join an existing one a good rule of thumb for surviving at Chaosgate is Strength in Numbers. 

Clans are created by players, under the sponsorship of an admin or other high ranking player, to unite under a shared banner. They are created and abandoned from event-to-event, so you’ll have to join us on the battlefield to find out who’s surviving the demonic onslaught.