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Live Action Roleplay

LARP stands for Live Action Role Play, essentially it is the act of dressing up as a unique character of your own invention and interacting with others in an imagined fantasy environment.

Whether this means taking part in epic battles or intense one on one duels, using politics and subterfuge to out manoeuvre your opponents and uncover secret plots or simply having a drink and spinning a yarn in the local tavern. How you engage with the world is entirely up to you.

Some of our members are keen role players, others just want to swing a sword, Some simply like to dress up and observe the madness around them.

Whatever your preferred style of play LARP is about fun and escapism. You turn up, dress up, turn off your phone, forget about work, bills and the ‘real’ world and imagine that you’re somewhere else or someone else until it’s time to go home. 

There are two ways to join Chaosgate, as a player or as part of our Monster Crew.

As a player-character you can invent your own character right down to their backstory, motivations, costume and weapons and you’re free to navigate the world however you see fit. 

Joining the monster crew is free but instead of playing your own character you will be performing different predetermined rolls across the duration of the event (bandits, monsters, town guards etc…) with all costumes and weapons provided.

dont act, become

Chaosgate is Cornwall’s biggest Live Action Roleplay experience. 

Founded in 2015 by 3 experienced LARPers who wanted to bring Larping to their back door, Chaosgate has since grown from a few friends to a few hundred members. 

Taking place in an alternate version of Cornwall, the magical world of Kernow has all the tropes of a typical fantasy environment with a unique Cornish twist. 

Whether you’re defending the farmers of Heyl from marauding bandits or uniting with piskies and pirates to fend off the demonic hordes of the underworld, Chaosgate is a unique world of fantasy adventure, swords and sorcerers, and the occasional Turnip. 

Chaosgate aims to be a fully immersive role playing experience whilst also providing a fully inclusive environment for players of all backgrounds. 

If you’re an experienced role player, a first timer looking for a new hobby, fancy yourself with a sword, or just looking for some pure escapism, Chaosgate has something for everyone.

If you’re curious what combat’s like at Chaosgate, take a look at the rules page.

Meet The Founders

Chaosgate was the original idea of our founding member John Stoddern, following many discussions while rolling dice he graciously accepted the help of Ricky Barker and Martin Bray to help him bring the idea of Chaosgate to life!

Below is a little on their experience that they bring to running chaosgate

Martin Bray

Join me in the tavern for a tale or two

I have been Larping for over 20 years, as a player an npc and as one of the founders of CG. My passion for our total immersion hobby has never diminished and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for it. If you would like to hear more join me for a tankard or two in the tavern and I will spin you a tale. (Editor’s note: Don’t Mention Turnips!)

John “Chaosgate” Stoddern

do my teeth need a clean?

Growing up in the late 80’s, I became obsessed with the cartoon, “Dungeons and “Dragons”, (I didn’t even realise it was based on the famous roleplaying game ’til my late teens). The other cartoon of my era was “Masters of the universe” with it’s main character, “He-man”, a fur loin clothed, muscle bound, magic sword swinging, kickass barbarian type fella who could bitch slap.

Ricky Barker

i’m gonna split you in two

I have over 20 years role-play experience in one form or another, whether it being Table Top, LARP or re-enactment. Some of my fondest memories within this hobby are sitting around a campfire in the evening laughing and drinking with my friends. I wish for many more memories like this but maybe on a grander scale. The thing I found a natural aptitude for is Dungeon Mastering which I bring to Chaosgate each and every event as an admin.

Meet The Admins

Zoe Lawer


Greetings fellow adventurers! Ok, so I dread this bit but here we go. I’m a fairly all round dork who loves all kinds of fantasy, horror and science fiction whether that comes in the form of books, table top, computer games or film. Love a bit of weird crafting and definitely hoard far too much fabric, foam and beads for my own good. Will always pick being a wizard over a fighter. Pew pew!

Harrison Hayward-Gore

tech support

I’m here because no one else wanted to write code or take the meeting minutes.

Robert Shirley


I’m Rob, I’m 35 and I am a Media Teacher currently working for Cornwall College. I was introduced to LARP through friends and quickly fell in love with the community and creativity that it inspires. I can usually be found looking ridiculous and making a fool of myself in the Tavern.

Robert Olds

player slayer

I was introduced to table top role-play at a young age which introduced to people like Ricky, Martin and John. From there I was introduced to the world of LARPing and started off monster crewing for their events but then slowly moved on to actually playing a character when I was a bit more confident with it. Now I’m always terrorising the local tavern so you don’t know what could happen. (Photo by C Sixmum)