Combat: How it works

If you have ever played a tabletop roleplaying game or an MMORPG the concept of combat in Chaosgate will be familiar to you (albeit with a little bit more cardio involved). Most fighting takes place between players and our monster crew. However, disagreements between aggressive clans and individuals frequently lead into player-vs-player combat, which is all fair game in Kernow.

Choosing a race – character class and armour type will determine your HP (Hit Points or Health Points). 

This number corresponds to the amount of time you can be hit before you are ‘unconscious’.

An unconscious player can be revived if another player with the relevant skill or item reaches them within a given time limit. 

If the unconscious player is not revived within the time limit (or sometimes according to special conditions) that player’s character has been killed and can no longer be revived. 

The player must then create a new character and begin again from level 1.

The amount of damage you deal out in Chaosgate is called Damage (DMG) this number is standard 1 DMG for all players.

If a player calls out a number higher than 1 during an encounter they are telling you how much damage you will receive from one of their blows. 

For example, if you have 5 HP and a player hits you with his sword and calls out “THREE” you deduct 3DMG from your 5HP and are left with 2HP

The simplest way to look at it is…

HP = The amount of damage you can receive before you are knocked out.

DMG = Is the amount of damage you deal with each attack.

Some characters are also able to use magic. For a detailed explanation of how magic works in Chaosgate see the section titled ‘Magic’.

But for a quick explanation, casting a spell usually involves shouting an ‘effect’ at your target whilst pointing or maintaining touch with a staff or hand. 

When fighting with weapons in Chaosgate there are strict rules regarding health and safety that will be explained by one of our admins before the start of each event. 

We also prefer players to emphasise roleplay over point scoring and there will be referees observing combat to ensure that no cheating or exploitation of the rules is taking place that may adversely affect the player experience. 

For example, if a sword blow barely glances you in such a way that if it were a real sword you would be unharmed, then we would not expect you to take it as a hit, however if a well-timed blow strikes you across the chest the expectation would be that you respond accordingly and accept the damage. 

Whilst we will not penalise anyone who is uncomfortable with this kind of dramatic roleplay it is encouraged to improve the overall immersiveness of the CG experience, however, as long as you are having fun we are happy. 

General Site Rules

This is a family event no inappropriate nudity and keep profanity to a minimum.

Treat the site with respect, do not damage the hedges or gates in any way, please leave it in a tidy state and use the rubbish bins provided.

Treat all Chaosgate equipment with respect.

If an area is marked off with rope or marker tape do not cross it, these are out of bounds areas and are there for your safety.

Cars are to be parked in the designated area at all times and not driven on to the site for any reason other than for disabled access which will have to be pre-arranged.

Bullying out of character will not tolerated.

No credit will be given for any reason.

No fires other than the ones provided in the character areas are allowed, BBQ’s are permitted but must be raised off the ground.

There is to be no loud music or shouting after 11pm (we have neighbours)

Tents are to be spaced at least 2metres apart to meet fire safety regulations (if unsure speak to the Chaosgate crew).

If you wish to travel through in character areas “out of character” please put your hand in the air to clearly indicate you are not participating at that time. Please try an keep this to a minimum to keep the realism of the site.

If at any time you hear the phase PAUSE THE GAME immediately stop what you are doing (something out of character and possibly dangerous is occurring) and await further instructions.

The crew/ marshals/ referees are there to make sure everything goes smoothly, please listen to what they have to say and their word is final.

Legal or illegal highs will not be tolerated and any one found with them will be expelled from site and reported to the police.

The Chaosgate team reserve the right to warn and expel anyone from the site if they are in breach of the rules or if their behaviour is deemed inappropriate.

Out Of Character Rules

Do not attack any refs or other officials.

Only refs and other officials can demand to see your character card, no player may do this.

Should a player be nervous about being struck, act out the combat with slow and soft taps (remember this is role-playing not boxing).

Combat is not permitted in the pub, in the Duchies out of character areas, in the car park, outside the boarders of Chaosgate’s fields or near any live flames.

Should a dispute take place then remember that the refs discussion is final and not open to appeal.

If you notice someone playing unfairly or not within the spirit if the game then talk to a ref.

For a hit to succeed whether by ranged, melee or spell it must hit the body or appendage of a creature, hitting a weapon, shield or head have no effect unless otherwise stated.

No full pulls with bows or crossbows at point blank range, a slight pull and release with suffice.

All chants or power commands must be loud and directed at the creature your targeting.

All spells and hits must be acknowledged.

A weapon must be wielded correctly, no small or short hits, these can be dismissed (daggers are normally the only exception).

React to all hits or effects that you take as it adds to the roleplay experience for everyone

In Character Rules

All characters have 3 hit points, this can be raised by your class and race.

Armour adds to your hit point total unless you are effected by a power, spell or ability which ignores armour.

There are 3 different types of armour, light (1point), medium (2 points) and heavy (3 points).

The type of armour you can wear is dictated by your class and phys rep, so if you wish to wear heavy armour you must be of the fighter class and have a costume with looks appropriate, whether you wear actual metal armour or a LARP equivalent.

If your last hit point is removed then you immediately fall down dead, you must remain until combat is finished.

Combat ends when one side either retreats, surrenders or are slain. Once combat ends you must head out of character to your re-spawn point located in your Duchy.

Both Duchies have a re-spawn point which serves as a area when dead you head back to, touch said point and then continue alive and with full hit points. It does not however heal any temporary hit points or regenerate and spent daily powers.

Combat Rules

Weapons have to be appropriate phys-reps (physical representations) and made to an adequate safety standards.

Bows and Crossbows are to be LARP safe and not exceed 25lbs for Bows & 18lbs for crossbows draw strength.*this might be subject to change*

All weapons and armour must be checked by the appropriate Chaosgate crew member before each event if we deem it unsafe you will not be allowed to use it. clothing/ costume does not need to be checked.

We reserve the right to check your weapon or armour at any point during an event.

This is a game of tag no full force blows (pull your swing before you make contact).

React to the hits that you received this makes for better realism and an acknowledgement of the blow for your opponent.

Grappling will be allowed but it must be over dramatised (hammed up) and both you and your opponents feet must remain on the floor. Do not grapple or grab weapons, both players must agree to it.

You must not be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances if you wish to fight, this could lead to you injuring your self or other people.

Spell Rules/ Calls

To cast a spell you must weave your hands in a chant (a small sentence which you can devise to fit your character), then touch target, a cantrip is expelled the moment you touch a target, even if you miss by touching a shield, weapon, etc. A spell is held in you hand until you hit with it (except ranged weapon spells).

You must place one or both hands on a creature when casting a spell, no hitting or slapping.

+ damage = the number after the plus is the amount of damage you add to whatever you do per successful hit.
double or x damage = you double or x the amount or damage you do per successful hit this is added before any +damage.

Bringing back to life = you can come back into the combat with 1 hit point + armour (unless otherwise stated), there are no rules to the amount of times you can be brought back to life, this can be cast at any time, even during combat.

Fumble = immediately drop item which has been fumbled, you may then pick it straight back up.

Heal = you must touch the creature and chant whilst casting a healing spell, it is then healed for the spells power, this cannot take the target over their maximum hit point total and cannot heal temporary hit points.

Ignore = if a attack or spell ignores something then you may not add that to your defence.

Inactive = target is not allowed to move, fight, speak, cast spells or take any other action until death, end of combat, spell is broken or spell ends on a count.

Knockdown = you must immediately fall to the floor, you can then get back up.

Knockback = you must immediately move back 5 paces or until you encounter a object or person, if you encounter a person roleplay you both colliding.

Order = you must follow the order that you have been compelled to do, this can not cause any direct harm to you or anyone else.

Root = a rooted target is held in their current location until death, end of combat or spell us broken.

Run = turn your back on what’s caused you to run and make best possible speed away from it.

Sense = you identify the object or person, if it’s a object take it to a ref or god. if it’s a person they must immediately tell you what you have sensed.

Temporary hit points = these last for the combat, temporary hit points are the first which are removed when damage is done. Temporary hit points from different sources never stack with each other, you may only use the higher value. Temporary hit points cannot be healed. Your temporary hit point value can take you over your maximum hit point total.