Get Your Tickets

post-apocolypse events

Unfortunately, due to the recent viral apocalypse, we don’t have any dates for 2021.

We fully intend on running more events as the UK safely opens back up in 2022. However, until such dates are released, we have no tickets for sale.

Please join our Facebook group for the latest news updates as they happen:

Standard Ticket Prices

Tickets can be purchased in advance at a discounted rate

Price for pre purchasing your ticket for any of our events is £30 per person

Price on the gate for any of our events is £40 per person

Typically our events run from Friday midday 12pm, until 10pm, Saturday 10am until 10pm,

Sunday 10am until 4pm.

If you wish to arrive before hand the site is available on the Thursday from 3pm at an additional cost of £5 per person.

If you wish to stay Sunday night the cost will be £5 but the site will need to be vacated by 12pm midday on the Monday. 

Monster Crew

Instead of buying a ticket to become a player, come and join the monster crew and kill them instead!

Join the admins in providing a living Kernow for the players. Whether you unsure if you want to splash out on a weekend player ticket, or are looking for a pressure free way to join in the fun, we need you. You could be playing as a lowly peasant running to the players for help, the axe wielding maniac that kidnapped their family, or even the werewolf that messes with the player’s plans. If you’re more of a role-player than a fighter, we have quest-givers and shopkeepers to fill our village alongside the players.

Every event, the monster crew role will be different, and every day will bring a different challenge for you.

In exchange for signing up as monster crew, you get:

  • The appreciation of all the admins and players.
  • Free entry to the event.
  • Weapons and costumes provided for any role given.
  • A spot in the camp to stay overnight.
  • A pint in the tavern, on us.

Joining the monster crew is as simple as being available for an event and sending us a message about how you can help.