Lore of Kernow

The Story so far

The town of Chaosgate, deep in the heart of Kernow, its strange energies magnetic to those who seek power; glory, adventure and knowledge.

Divided into two warring factions, those loyal to the Crown, and those who follow the Claw. 

Rival clans who despite their differences are able to unite with one purpose.

When the gate opens, whatever comes through, everyone fights.

Aided by the mysterious but powerful Sage, the citizens of Chaosgate unite and drive back the demonic hordes, and the gate is sealed.

But there are more.

And with the discovery of each new gate comes new revelations. Ancient secrets and forgotten threats begin to emerge. 

Each testing loyalties and forcing unlikely alliances. 

A number of heroes band together in an uneasy truce, with the shared purpose of finding and closing the remaining gates.

Their quest leads them deep into the shadowy forests of Tehiddith, where a new community emerges, Newgate.

But as word of Newgate’s influence in Tehiddith grows, it is deemed a threat, and the Crown army descends in an attempt to consolidate their hold over Kernow.

Once again, old rivalries emerge and soon the community is split, those either loyal to the Crown or willing to submit to their rule remain in Newgate, whilst those who seek independence take to the forest to engage in a guerrilla war against their oppressors.

Ultimately it is the rebels who are victorious, driving the Crown army back to their stronghold, the fortress city of Truron.

This act of defiance leads to the return of one who had long been believed dead. 

The charismatic yet merciless former Archduke of the Claw, reborn and gifted with new powers offers a gift to those who had remained loyal. 

A gift however, which comes with a price, and in exchange for eternal life, there is corruption.

An evil energy begins to seep into the land of Tehiddith, nothing is safe from its touch, plants, animals and people soon begin to succumb to the corrupting influence of the Archdukes Pillar of Souls.

As the community breaks into all out war it is only the last-minute intervention of the long absent Sage that prevents the demonic invasion.

The Sage is able to seal the gate, but the corruption remains…

Races of Kernow

The Chaosgate has drawn a myriad of sentient creatures to it, the prime law of the town allowing them an easy means of becoming a part of the community. But the wiser among us are able to see that it’s not just the Chaosgate that pulls them here…

Deities of Kernow

The realm has a varied and fantastical variety of beliefs, all of which being fiercely respected and honoured. As if conflict in the harsh environment thanks to politics, greed and power wasn’t enough, religion also has it’s hand, both in kindness and bloodshed…

The Plains of Dis

There is not 1 but many realms of existence accessed by the chaosgates, however there is no fixed geography or location, the worlds within seem to spin and turn on what is known as “The Infernal Carousel”, even more frustrating is that the worlds themselves can simply cease to exist or burst into existence, morphing, changing and turning all the while.  

There is a rumour that there is one wandering soul within all of this, it has many names, The Caretaker, The Walker, or more recently it is known as The Traveller. This being apparently has studied the shifting of worlds over aeons and can now see the pattern within the chaos. The Traveller is the only non demonic entity that can traverse the plains without fear of becoming lost and forever damned…

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