My Liege

By Johnny Chaosgate


‘My liege,

Upon receiving your orders, I have made great speed to the town of Chaosgate, all is as you fear; the town is in disarray.

Lord Scythe is here in person and has established a stranglehold upon the place, supported by the many minions of the Claw army; there are filthy undead and Vile green skins everywhere!

Lord Scythe has all but eradicated any trace of your honourable Crown here, although There is a glimmer of hope; I am hearing whispers of a secret Crown resistance.

My observations indicate that Lord Scythe is spending a great deal of interest towards the gate itself, this in part due to a recent daemon attack resulting in the loss of many townsfolk.

The current Duke of the Crown here has vanished, rumours include – death at the hands of the daemons, deserting his post due to the threat of Lord Scythe, or that he has gone underground as part of the resistance, I have yet to confirm any of this.

The assassination of the First Duke has yet to be investigated also, mainly due to the lack of an established lawful presence, I will attempt to probe further these findings, the tavern folk have loose tongues late at night.

I shall endeavour to maintain my position here without arousing suspicion and shall continue to be your eyes and ears here for as long as I am needed.

My next report will hopefully be sent to you by the next full moon. If you do not receive this, please assume I am dead… Or worse.

Your ever faithful subject,