The Dark Adventures of Bassett and Lynch

By Johhny Chaosgate



A dark, starless and soulless night. The sort of night when malicious affairs might be put in order, and this one was no exception…

Trudging along a dusty winding lane were two shady figures.

Bassett was considered a monster of a man, in terms of Den, he was clearly taller than most and almost as wide, certainly not fat but not defined muscle, there was an on going joke that one of his parents must have been Gwer or Karrek, a joke Bassett often laid to rest with a sharp blade from the back of his belt or simply with a boulder of a fist.

Lynch was a thin, weasel of a Skeus Koth with a demeanour to match.

His eyes were a constant dance of cautious movement, always checking for danger while his hands would often subconsciously drift under his robes to check his twin pistol crossbows in their bespoke holsters.

“I’m bored Lynch,” mumbled Bassett in his deep, gravelly voice, “ow much longer?”

“Soon, my old friend, very soon.” Replied Lynch, almost in a manner that a father would reassure a child.

“Soon, we’ll be at Chaosgate. Then we can drink, make merry and have our fun with the townsfolk.”

“But was we not ‘aving fun in Pensans? The pirates was fun to be around and they didn’t mind a bit of bloodshed now and again.” Questioned A troubled Bassett.

Lynch nodded, “Indeed, dear Bassett, however after that skirmish behind The Seven Stars tavern, I find that the folk there can easily give as good as they get, no fun for me thank you very much. However the better game lies ahead of us.”

Bassett, coughed, hacked and spat into the tree line beside them, “so what’s so special about Chaosgate, that Pensans ain’t got? I thought a pair of cut throats like us fit in well there?”

Lynch displayed a sadistic grin, 

“Because my fellow partner in crime, the people in Chaosgate can’t die!”

Bassett stopped, “Eh? Can’t die? Don’t be daft!”

The Dark elf’s eyes sparked with sin, ” I speak the truth dear friend. There are great magics around the place, totems of life that preserve the populace within, they can be killed and they can age but unless extreme measures are taken, they simply revive!”

Bassett whistled, then frowned and scratched his crotch, “But ‘ow’s that any good for us? Why’s that even ‘appening any ways?” 

Lynch had a lot of time and patience for Bassett, they had travelled together for a long time, two murderers who’s skills complemented and served each other, Bassett’s raw power and strength with Lynch’s speed, stealth and finesse.

“There’s some sort of fuss with daemons going on there, they use the totems to keep the townsfolk going when they need to fight them off, yes they get horribly butchered and mutilated but then they magically return in one piece later on, so technically there’s no such thing as murder there. We can kill, maim  and dispatch to our hearts content but technically, there’s no death, an endless supply of bodies to cut, limbs to sever and throats to slit, it’ll be great!” He was practically beaming with delight.

“What about the law?” Bassett quizzed.

Lynch replied chuckling with glee, “It gets even better! They’re too busy squabbling with each other, fighting monsters and dealing with Lord Scythe to sort out any militia there.”

“Hell up!” Smiled Bassett, ” it’s gonna be like a free banquet of bloodshed there!”

The two mismatched figures walked onwards, both with danger and death in mind. 

“This is going to be fun! ” exclaimed Bassett, his hefty arm placed heartily onto Lynch’s shoulder,

“Indeed it is!” Smiled Lynch returning the gesture.

They walked into the night, the enticing glow of town lanterns up ahead

“Indeed it is…”